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The Fertility Bundle

Fertility Bundle

What's In The Bundle?

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Here are the Bursts included and how they work:


Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic root that helps rebalance sex hormones in men and women and reduces cortisol – a key factor in subfertility. It has been shown to boost libido, desire, lubrication, orgasms (and more) in women (BioMed Research International, 2015).

It increased sperm quality and motility tremendously in a study on infertile men, as well as increasing low testosterone (Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2013).


Maca can help overcome fertility hurdles like irregular periods and anovulation (when no egg is released). It can even relieve symptoms of PCOS, fibroids and more issues by helping hormonal balance and reducing cortisol (the stress hormone).

It has been shown to improve sperm production and motility (Asian Journal of Andrology, 2001). A 2019 study found that a nutritional blend containing Maca showed an increase in the number of women who successfully ovulated from 10% to 50% (Maedica, 2019).


Chlorella helps the body cleanse away harmful toxins, xenoestrogens (fake estrogen from pesticides, plastics, etc) and excess hormones from the body that can negatively impact fertility in both men and women. Chlorella is also a source of key fertility nutrients including natural folate, zinc and iron.

True Cinnamon

Cinnamon is famous for tackling insulin resistance, which is a major factor in fertility issues and PCOS. When our bodies are over-producing insulin, we produce less of the sex hormones needed for conception and pregnancy. It was found to help regulate menstrual cycles and ovulation vs placebo in a 2014 study (American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology).

Cinnamon is also one of the richest antioxidant foods in existence – this is very important for protecting the delicate DNA in sperm and eggs from damaging free radicals.

How to take the Fertility Bundle:

As with all our bundles, we’ve designed the Fertility Bundle to tackle the project from several different angles, and each Burst complements the effects of the others in the bundle. Synergy!! So, if you’re wondering, yes you can take them all at once.

🔸 Remember to take the bundle consistently. Start with 1x serving of each Burst daily.

🔸 Choose from powders or capsules/tablets for each Burst and follow the serving size on the pack.

🔸 If you have the powders, try adding your Ashwagandha, Cinnamon and Maca together into a smoothie or whisk into hot almond mylk with a little of your choice of sweetener for a grounding drink. They can easily mix into porridge, yoghurts and granola too – separately or together!

🔸 Chlorella is perfect to take in the evening because the liver works hardest overnight. Add 1tsp to cold water and lemon, or into a fresh apple juice. The tablets are very small and easy to swallow, have x4 with water. If you can’t take in the evenings, you’ll still benefit if you take it at another time (here we’re just optimising)!

For optimal results, start taking the bundle before you start trying to conceive if possible because the sperm and eggs take 2-3 months to fully mature. However, if you are already on your fertility journey, it’s absolutely fine to add these Superfoods in at any point.




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